Topo Flow

What makes something valuable? What makes it timeless?  I used the elements of craft, material, and form, to achieve these attributes. 


I had a loosely defined concept; explore the tactile quality of interaction, specifically haptic and acoustic vibrations. In addition, my aim was to use the CNC machine in some aspect of production. To speed up my ideation process I decided to machine one box and create multiple lids to quickly explore a range of ideas. I made a metal chime, used billiard balls, nails, ball bearings, and more.

Iteration 2

After exploring a breadth of potential directions and testing them with others, I found that hiding the mechanism in a sealed box didn't make people curios like I imagined, it was too well hidden. I also found that large objects, and objects that made loud noises were unpleasant, so I needed to be sensitive to these factors. For my next round of prototyping I took all my understanding and simplified it to one calm, cohesive direction. I decided to use tiny beads that the user would view through a window. My intention was to create an experience akin to a swarm of birds in flight, or the flow of water through a river.


I love to think about the tool that makes the object. In this case, I made a quick release jig for the CNC that made it possible for me to machine all three pieces in less than an hour with greater precision and fewer opportunities fo mistakes. I only had to change and zero the bit once!