Inherent Form

Modeling from the inside out

inspiration board

I started with the idea of a cut paper leaf inspired by Henri Matisse. I had a hunch this would lend itself both to surface modeling, and later, casting in a two part mold. At first I was interested in a lobed, fern like form. My professor mentioned that they would trap air bubbles in the mold, so I simplified the form.

Inspiration bord-1.jpg

The most profound moment in this project was discovering the concept of Inherent Form firsthand. To put it simply, inherent form is the imaginary skeleton of an object. Understanding this let me model the leaf from the inside out. I could re-posture the spine and each vertebra would follow naturally. 

Outside in modeling

Outside in modeling

Inside out skeletal modeling

Inside out skeletal modeling


Part 2

After modeling and printing, we moved to an analog casting process. This experience helped me understand the capabilities and constraints of casting in a 2 part mold.