Cingo was a team project completed with Justin and Vivian. Our assignment was to create a soft good product that had an aspect of sustainability to it. After exploring various options, we focused on the home because it is the most energy intensive system that an individual has control over. Further research showed that half of home energy use went to heating and cooling the home. Our strategy was to reduce number of air changes per hour.


Cingo is deigned to prevent heat from escaping your home. 15% of heat in a home is lost through the windows. Inspired by current methods of home insulation, the treatment works by creating a barrier between the window and the interior of the home reducing the loss of radiated heat. Cingo is collapsible, allowing users to install and uninstall the treatment in little to no time. It does this using a series of magnets lined along the edge of a window's molding. The treatment remains aesthetically pleasing while working to prevent heat from escaping. Cingo is an affordable alternative to replacing your drafty windows.

Cingo is constructed with four panels of UV filtering acrylic joined together with living hinges. In our prototype these panels attach to the hinges with Plastruct Bondene. However, in production these panels would be permanently fused with the hinges which would also be transparent. Installation would include two plastic strips embedded with neodymium magnets to mount onto your window frame for an airtight seal. Each Cingo treatment comes with a felt bag with a vinyl label to designate which treatment belongs to which window in your home.

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